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24May 2017




GO and Get Portworx version 1.2!

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GO  and Get Portworx version 1.2!


Most of the Industry’s First Purpose-Built, Enterprise-Class Storage for Containers. By analyzing the customer pain points the updating of portworx as a version 2.1 founded to manage, secure and protect their container data during the entire application data life-cycle. It will be a complete package of ready to use to fulfill your requirements. But still, the users asking questions when it came in production container infrastructure. Some of the questions are as follows:

  1. How do I ensure I can recover my data in case of a site or a cloud failure?
  2. How do I protect my data and prevent breaches when I am running in the cloud or on-prem?
  3. How do I scale my cloud infrastructure based on my needs without extensive reconfigurations or cloud ninja work?

The customers always focus on scaling and building their applications instead of taking care of their infrastructure. The moment adoption of the container increases the companies move their workloads to containers as they scale to thousands of nodes with simple and automated infrastructure.

Portworx enables a single click container, a unified data architecture that integrates container granular backup to cloud and container granular recovery from the cloud. So, the latest version named as Cloud Snap can manage and deploy containerizes applications. It enables users to take a full or the other different copy of its containers and automatically upload it to their cloud provider choice.



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