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16May 2017




Latest Network Back-up Tool

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In this competitive world, the rising of huge database and the demand for the real-time information is putting pressure on the enterprise storage. The necessary part that plays the crucial role in the company’s growth is its useful data. Presently, if you are using the program like tar, dump to backup your computer data and you need a network solution or catalog services.

Here, you will find one of the best set of computer programs that allow you to manage backup,  recovery and the verification of your computer data across different computers. People who are new to UNIX systems or who don’t have offsetting experience, anything to worry, the Bacula is the project that can be easily and efficiently used.

In addition, offering many features that will help you to recover the lost or damaged files. Bacula has more featured programs such as:


Bacula Director

It is just like a program that supervises all the restore, backup and archive operations. To schedule backups and recover files the system administrator uses Bacula Director.


Bacula Console

It allows the administrator to communicate with the  Bacula director through the utility programs. It is based on three versions:

  • Text-based console interface
  • QT-based interface
  • wx widgets, graphical interface


There exist three versions of Bacula console:


Run the console program in a shell window.

The second one is a GNOME GUI interface that has some of the capabilities of shell console.

The last one is the wx widgets GUI is also having the shell console and an interactive

file restore function.


Bacula File Daemon

This is also called as the client program or we say is the software program that is used to backup your data. It is installed on the machine with a specific operating system. This operating system is responsible for providing the file attributes and data during the recovery operations.

Bacula Storage

It consists of software programs for the recovery and the storage of file attributes.  It is also responsible for the reading and writing of the storage media.


The services of the catalog include the software programs responsible for the maintaining the file indexes and volume databases for the backup of files. The overall files on your machine such as all jobs run and all files, and also maintain the huge amount of data. Bacula supports three different databases such as:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite
Service Interactions

Generally, it executes the scheduled backup jobs for the smoother interactions between the tasks. Below table contains all relevant communication paths, including the default Bacula service ports.

Source Destination Dest. port
Director Storage Daemon 9003
Director File Daemon 9002
File daemon Storage Daemon 9003
Console Director 9001
Director Catalogue (MySQL) 3306


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