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02Jun 2017




Manipulate your images easily, know how?

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Manipulate your images easily, know how?


Yes, guys, there is a software which can be used instead of using photoshop. Now there is no need to buy the pro version of Photoshop. You can install the one and only very powerful image manipulation software. It is the best option to manipulate your image.

Here,  I am going to tell you about some tools of GIMP so that you can easily manipulate your images without consuming too much time on it. Hope, this will lead to learning, even more, editing capabilities that GIMP is capable of as well.


To let you easily understand this tutorial,  I am dividing this tutorial into four main points:


  1. How to change the size of an Image?
  2. How to change the file size of JPEG?


  1. First of all, go to the file and open it.

File → Open


  1. How to change the size of an Image?

The common that you probably face is the size of an image that is too large for a particular purpose. Mostly, you need images of different sizes to upload on different sites for which you need to make it short or large size. So, you can easily do this with the help of GIMP.

When you open the selected image in the GIMP software that is placed enlarge in size so that it fits in the entire canvas. Following is the image:

View of the GIMP canvas, with information at the top of the window.

Note: The information about the image like the current pixel and the dimensions of the image.

To change the size of the  image to new dimensions, we need only invoke the Scale Image dialog:

Image → Scale Image…

Following is the how the scale image dialog box looks like:



In the Scale Image dialog, you’ll find a box to enter the values for Width and Height. Fill the boxes with an exact value to get the desired size of the image. Just to the right of the width,  and height, there is a small chain that shows that the values of height and width is locked with respect to each other.

You can  see below the values is changed to 600px:

Changing the Width to 600px.

As you can see, entering 600px for the width automatically changes the height to 627px.

Also, notice I have shown a different option under Quality → Interpolation. The default value for this is Cubic, but to retain the best quality it would better to use Since (Lanczos3).

If you want to specify a new size using a different type of value (other than Pixel size), you can change the type by clicking on the “PX” spinner:

Changing input value types.


  1. How to change the file size of JPEG?


You can also change the size of the JPEG image.  Most of the time when you are going to change the size of the image which is in JPEG format, the quality of the image might be lost to gain the desired file size.

Above in a picture, you can see the comparisons of different JPEG compression levels. The quality of the image is set to  80, the image is significantly smaller in file size (77% size reduction), while the image quality is still quite reasonable.

When you’ve finished any image modifications you are doing, and are ready to export, simply invoke the export dialog with:

File → Export…


This will invoke the Export Image dialog:

You can now enter a name for your file. If you include the file type extension (in this case, .JPEG), GIMP will automatically try to export in that file format for you. Here I am exporting the image as a JPEG file.

You can also navigate to a new location on your computer through the Places pane if you need to export the file to a different location. When you are ready to export the image, just hit the export button.

This will then bring up the Export Image as JPEG dialog, where you can change the quality of the export:

From this dialog you can now export quality is changed easily. If you also have the “Show preview in image window” option checked, the image on the canvas will update to reflect the quality value you input. This will also enable the “File size:” information to tell you what the resulting file size will be. (You may need to move some windows around to view the preview on the canvas in the background).When you are happy with the results, hit the Export button to export.


Stay tuned with us! to know more about GIMP and server management services

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