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12Jun 2017




Support to business applications- GABI

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A support to business application- GABI

The best ever tool to support business applications or act as a sustainable solution for the next generation with a powerful life cycle assessment engine named as GABI, which support


Life Cycle Assessment

  • Design for Environment: developing products that meet environmental regulations
  • Eco -efficiency: reducing material, energy and resource use in the most cost-effective way
  • Eco -design: Increasing products with smaller environmental footprints such as fewer GHG emissions, reduced water consumption and waste
  • Efficient value chains: enhancing efficiency of value chains, e.g. R&D, design, production, suppliers, distribution

Life Cycle Costing

Cost reduction: designing and optimizing products and processes for cost reduction

Life Cycle Reporting

Sustainable Product Marketing: product sustainability labels & claims, Environmental Product Declarations(EPDs)
Sustainability Reporting: environmental communication & product sustainability reporting

LCA knowledge sharing: reporting and analysis for internal departments, management, and supply chain

Life Cycle Working Environment: Responsible manufacturing: developing, manufacturing process that addresses social responsibilities

GaBi Software Suite – #1 LCA Software

The products and elements of a Gabi model equipped your businesses to make the best decisions on the life-cycle of a product. It also provides an easily accessible and constantly refreshed content database that details the costs, energy and environmental impact of sourcing and refining every raw material or processed component of a manufactured item. In addition, it looks at the impact on the environment, presenting alternative options for manufacturing, distribution, recyclability, pollution, and sustainability.



Life Cycle Assessments  – made easy

Gabi makes it easy for businesses to carry out Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) in order to protect their most precious assets and their brand.  It also enables them to deliver more sustainable yet cut efficient products that can better satisfy consumer expectations.

  • Gabi Software
  • Gabi Content

Following are the benefits of GABI

-User Guide & UI Enhancement – intuitive guidance for new and existing users

-Improved Modelling – quicker and more efficient LCA completion

– Smart Search tool for access to Database objects

– Plan Level LCIA (Lifecycle Impact Assessment) results from preview

– Plan Editor on a multi-object level

– Capability for Intelligent Process Chain connection

– Process grouping

  • Improved Scenario Analysis – enabling easier lifecycle (build, use, end-of-life) iteration
  • Drill-Down Dashboard – for visual analysis
  • Insight Library – pre-formatted templates for the dashboard and reporting
  • Improved Static Reporting – Simple configured reports for non-LCA experts

Standard Report Templates

  • I-Report Creator configuration – Improved Dynamic Reporting for LCA Expert Users
  • Interactive Scenario Tools (configuration engine)
  • Stakeholder customizable reports
  • Improved Product Sustainability Performance

Gabi helps to deliver more sustainable products & reduce operational costs for your organisation & supply chain that are especially preferred by the consumers. Through the Qualitative and verifiable information, the business gains consumer trust and sustain their sustainability labeling and communications. Gabi quantifies the life-cycle of a product and enable

Quantifying the life-cycle impact of a product will also enable a company to assess its supply chain to identify product categories with the highest impacts the drivers behind the product’s, energy use, carbon footprint, waste and water footprint and the hot spots where sustainability efforts can be concentrated. Organizations can set goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for product sustainability, building a more sustainable portfolio.

Business benefits

Create more sustainable products

Reduce resource costs

Develop more sustainable processes

Increase product preferences (more sustainable)

Improve regulatory compliance

Increase brand value

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