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17May 2017





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Let us Read for you.


For a moment, when you find you were browsing a slow loading website.

What kind of reaction did you have??

Definitely, you become irritated and bounce back to search your answer from other websites. It is necessary that the website loading speed should be minimized to 1second.


I am going to write this article, to tell you, how you can easily get success while increasing your website speed. Unfortunately, this cannot be considered as the important factor in the field of web development.

Let’s know what GTmetrix can do for you?

Gtmetrix is a web application that offers a set of tools facilitate you to analyze and optimize your website. Gtmetrix offers some of the basic features free of cost, but the power users who have multiple websites they can prefer the paid plans includes the faster analysis, additional API access, and white label pdf reports. The user can have a quick look of their website analysis which consists of:


  • Page load times
  • Page sizes
  • Available number of user’s request
  • Average loading speed of the sites

Significant Considerations Before Analyzing Your Website

Before, choosing and using any type of testing tool, it is necessary to know that single speed test is not enough to thoroughly understand your website. The Loading of any website- slow or fast, is due to a number of factors like:


  • Current server load (especially if shared)
  • Number of current visitors
  • The user’s connection speed
  • The user’s proximity to your server

And more


So, you need to do several speed tests at different intervals of the day, week,  and months. So to get reliable, informative data, you have to do multiple speed tests at different times of the day, week, and perhaps even months. Preferably you can collect data from a single test per hour, for a week or two. With the help of this, you can easily calculate the average speed load time of your website.


On the other hand, if you have the paid account,  you can view a history tab on a GTmetrix panel. It will provide you a quick visual look graphically and you can able to know when your site was performing at its best. Overall, this is the tool that can gather a valuable information by performing the lengthy testing phase. Apart from this,  I also suggest having some insight into your traffic patterns to know the number of visitors visits on your website.



 Through GTmetrix you can choose whether to test locally and globally to target the useful topic. The Physical proximity has a relevant impact on loading speeds.


This is why GTMetrix conducts speed tests from diverse locations. You can decide whether to test locally or worldwide – or both. Confined speed test results may be more relevant to you if your website is targeting in a specific area (e.g., as a small business might), state, or countryside. On the other hand, you may wish to find out the global average page load speed of your website.



Check More Than Just Your Home Page

Where is the best part of the content on your website? Is it on the home page, or tuck away within interlinked pages?

On your website where there is an amount of content is more, the visitors can use to be there, Visitors can also expect that there must be basic information on the home page of your website that tells what this website is actually about.





GTMetrix makes things amazingly easy for WordPress users. You can download a featured plugin for the content management system, and setup is quite simple – you’ll just enter your account email and API key.


GTMetrix recommends running a preliminary test (or tests) before building any changes – this is so you can get a baseline “before” speed.



To know more about GTmetrix, Be with us!

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