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Web Server

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Web Server

A Web server is a system that delivers content or services to end users over the Internet. A Web server consists of a physical server, server operating system (OS) and software used to facilitate HTTP communication.


Need of Web Services

In the past days,  the IT companies kike IBM, Sun, Microsoft and many other MNC’s finding a secure way to communicate with each other. At last,  the professionals came up with the concept of  WEB Services that make things possible to exchange services, information, and products.


The web services, managing the HTTP and XML  messaging system- it clearly implies that it is not dependent on any specific programming language or operating system. Hence, It provides a standard means of interoperation between many applications running on a different platforms and frameworks.

Why we use web services, the reason behind it is as follows:



Standardized Protocol

Low Cost of Communication


We are providing different platforms to suit your need


  1. Apache- Apache web server is open-source that is most widely used web server software since 1996. It runs almost 67% of all web servers in the world.

Features of Apache:

  • Around 371 Apache web servers
  • Virtual hosting
  • SSL Support
  • Better performance
  • Fast and robust Web server
  1. Nginx- It is also one of the most powerful open-source web server deal with the most engaged websites on the internet.

Features of Nginx

  • High Performance
  • Easy to configure
  • Open source
  • Compatible with the busiest sites
  • Scalability
  • Ease to use
  • Easy setup
  1. Apache Tomcat- It is an open-source web server powering the most critical web applications across a lot of industries. The unique feature in this server is that it also supports website built in Java.


  • It supports Java Servlet 3.1
  • Java Server Pages (JSP) 2.3
  • Java Unified Expression Language (EL) 3.0
  • Java WebSocket 1.0
  • High Performance
  1. Lighttpd- It is a lightweight open source web server which is best for any machine suffering from load problems. The modern embedded system i.e. is Raspberry Pi is an ideal candidate of Lighttpd.


  • Load balancing FastCGI, SCGI and HTTP proxy support.
  • Support for more efficient event notification schemes like queue and epoll.
  • Conditional URL rewriting (mod_rewrite)
  • TLS/SSL with SNI support, via OpenSSL.
  • Web server’s event mechanism performance – select (), poll (), and epoll ().

When you have to decide a perfect web server, it’s imperative to go with the most extensively used systems on the planet ─ Apache. But when you have a need that Apache can’t fill up, it’s good to know some of its available alternatives. Be it for an embedded system, a standard server, or a test environment, and open source has your web server needs to be covered. Must try one of these systems.

How  we  Manage


  • Troubleshooting
  • Installation of SSL
  • Ticket support
  • Migrate the existing server into your desired server
  • Uptime monitoring- Keep your site up and running

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